SfEP badge Professional Member Retina

  • correcting errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • checking for typographical errors (typos)
  • checking consistency of content and structure 
  • checking headings, sub-headings and page numbering 
  • checking the referencing of tables and illustrations
  • checking the order and consistency of references
  • making sure your document follows house and design style

I am a qualified proofreader and copy-editor. I recently retired from medical practice as an acupuncturist with specialist knowledge of natural medicine gained over 20 years in professional practice. Highly disciplined in the application of the English language, I have a keen eye and a penchant for perfection in published works.

As business owner and clinical acupuncture practitioner within one of the UK’s earliest multi-disciplinary natural medicine clinics, I was responsible for all marketing and communication activities across the disciplines of acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy and herbal medicine;  as such I am well versed in each discipline and its specialised nomenclature.

My price structure is based on the SfEP suggested rates. However, as all jobs vary in size and scope, please contact me to discuss and confirm a rate that suits you and the level of proofreading or copy editing required.

When it comes to editing/proofreading/writing, nothing is out of bounds. An editor or proofreader is needed everywhere the written word appears. In today’s web-based world, there’s arguably more written text being sent out into the public domain than ever – and anything that is written and is intended to be read by an audience will benefit from an edit and/or proofread.